Case Study 2: Women’s Wearables


Banner on the homepage linking to Women’s Wearables

The Project

A informational and navigational landing page that filters by user’s needs focused on wearable’s for women.

The Plan

To create an experience for users to filter and navigate different wearable watches based on activities, technology and aesthetics. We created an informational page with a filter component and an anchored CTA to let the user narrow down their search results to find the best wearable for their needs. The cards are clickable and keep the user in the sales funnel by routing them to the purchase page. 

The Team

Information Architect

Lead UI/UX Designer 

Content Admin

Art Director

Web Writer

My Role

Lead UI/UX Designer


Interactive prototype done in Figma



The components are dynamic, flexible and responsive in nature. They are built to be adaptable in many use cases. See case study 1 for more on this.

Research and Data

We utilize analytics to help us understand the customers interaction. We explore their pain points and solve those by doing data driven designs in iterations. It also helps us understand what is working well and move these items forward.

The first iteration of this project was a quick turnaround, with a small but mighty team. The UI components we utilized for this project had already been technically flushed out (see my case study 1), therefore, we were able to take the already designed and flushed out components and incorporate them in this layout for a quick turnaround for the stakeholder. 

A couple new patterns were introduced during this project. One of them being the capability to have an anchored CTA – meaning, when you click on the Shop CTA at the top, it will automatically drive the user down to the grid of products for their shopping convenience. The team worked on vetting out the component and this pattern was introduced in phase 2.

The Final Solution

Using heat-maps and data collection tools we saw the user experienced was received well. We have since updated and groomed the page to follow the user needs with design iterations.

 Final work: Women’s Wearables

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