Case Study 3: Autonomi Aviation Technology

The Project

The Autonomi Family is a group of safety-enhancing technologies for aircrafts. Autoland, a technology within the Autonomi family, is the worlds first certified system of its kind with the ability to activate during an emergency situation to autonomously control and land an aircraft without human intervention. My task to help support this award winning technology was to create an informational landing page that housed the family of technology information in an easy to use format.

The Plan

I first needed to understand how this market interacted with technology, so I search out data based off the analytics from past projects to better understand what was working, and what was not working for aviation specific users.

The data drove me to understand that the users really utilized a tab based layout, so I follow suit with the understandings I had gathered. This format also was a good way to house a lot of robust information in one place and be able to quickly find which technology you’d like to read more about.

Responsive Design and ADA compliant

The Team

Lead UI/UX Designer 

Front End Developer

Art Director

Motion Designer

Web Writer

My Role

Lead UI/UX Designer

This project utilized was a custom build from code. I was the lead designer working back with the stakeholder during the wireframe and creation of the design. Once the project was approved in mockup form, I then worked with the front-end developer. I exported assets and specs and touched base with the developer during the creation in dev.

Research and Data

In order to understand the customers pain points and solve, the teams utilize google analytics and heat-maps. We then take these understandings and apply them to design iterations to help update and create better designs for the user. 

Final work: AUTONOMÍℒ Atonomous Safety-Enhancing Technologies

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