Case Study 5: Garmin Airventure Oshkosh Experience


The Project

The project is a multi-page landing site that covers all things Garmin avionics updates and product announcements at the AirVenture show that takes place every year. The show shares what’s new and exciting in the world of flight.


The Plan

The goal was to create an experience that can be easily updated by the aviation team and be able to be repurposed for a few years to create business efficiency. Thus far the page has been able to be used for 3 years now, with just updating copy and imagery based off the creative theme for that year.


The Team

Lead UI/UX Designer 

Content Admin

Art Director

Web Writer

My Role

Lead UI/UX Designer



These components are pulled from the Design System that are already flushed out and technically feasible. The components are dynamic, flexible and responsive in nature. They are built to be adaptable in many use cases. See my case study 1 for more on this. User data is collected to create design iterations to help ensure users have an enjoyable experience.

Research and Data

We utilize analytics to help us understand the customers interaction. We explore their pain points and solve those by doing data driven designs in iterations. It also helps us understand what is working well and move these items forward.

The Final Solution

The first iteration of this project was a quick turnaround, with a small but mighty team. The UI components I utilized for this project had already been technically flushed out (see my case study 1), therefore, we were able to take the already designed and flushed out components and incorporate them in this layout for a quick turnaround for the stakeholder. 


Final work: Garmin Airventure Oshkosh Experience

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